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Thursday, March 14th, 2013

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Consensus Picks
Consensus Picks (all recent mocks)   L. Joeckel S. Floyd S. Lotulelei E. Fisher D. Milliner 25-Apr E. Fisher D. Jordan S. Floyd L. Joeckel E. Ansah
Partner Mock Drafts
FFToolbox (Rob Warner) 14-Mar G. Smith S. Lotulelei B. Werner L. Joeckel D. Moore – 2013 NFL Mock Draft 14-Mar G. Smith S. Lotulelei D. Moore L. Joeckel B. Werner
Qi Sports 13-Mar L. Joeckel S. Floyd D. Milliner E. Fisher E. Ansah
The Sports Bank 13-Mar L. Joeckel S. Floyd D. Jordan E. Ansah D. Milliner
Fanspeak’s (Steve’s):2013 NFL Mock Draft 11-Mar S. Floyd B. Werner C. Warmack L. Joeckel D. Milliner
NFL Draft Net 10-Mar L. Joeckel S. Floyd B. Werner D. Milliner D. Jordan
Bruno Boys Mock Draft 8-Mar E. Fisher L. Joeckel S. Floyd L. Johnson D. Milliner
Fanspeak’s 2012 NFL Mock Draft (Willy’s) 8-Mar L. Joeckel B. Werner J. Jones E. Fisher D. Milliner
Draft Maven 6-Mar L. Joeckel G. Smith E. Ansah S. Lotulelei D. Milliner
Cippin on Sports 1-Mar L. Joeckel J. Jones S. Floyd D. Jordan D. Milliner
NFL Yost Mock 1-Mar L. Joeckel D. Moore G. Smith E. Fisher J. Jones
NFL’s Future 25-Feb L. Joeckel D. Jordan S. Floyd S. Lotulelei E. Fisher
Cowboys-Forum Mock Draft 21-Feb L. Joeckel D. Moore S. Lotulelei D. Milliner B. Werner
Cippin on Sports 18-Feb L. Joeckel J. Jones S. Floyd S. Lotulelei B. Werner
NFL’s Future 18-Feb G. Smith S. Lotulelei S. Richardson L. Joeckel D. Milliner
DraftSeason (Onebar) 18-Feb L. Joeckel B. Werner S. Lotulelei D. Milliner D. Moore
Sports Jabber (Official) 17-Feb G. Smith B. Werner S. Lotulelei L. Joeckel D. Moore
NFL’s Future 10-Feb G. Smith D. Jordan S. Richardson S. Lotulelei L. Joeckel
Footballdialogue (Pat) 9-Feb L. Joeckel B. Werner S. Lotulelei D. Milliner D. Moore
DraftSeason (Lomas) 7-Feb G. Smith T. Wilson L. Joeckel D. Milliner B. Werner
Sports Jabber (DJBuckeyes) 26-Jan L. Joeckel S. Lotulelei B. Werner E. Fisher D. Moore
Sports Jabber (Xaos) 10-Jan G. Smith J. Jones D. Moore L. Joeckel B. Werner
New Sport Draft : Maestro 6-Jan S. Lotulelei J. Jones J. Hankins D. Milliner L. Joeckel
New NFL Draft: Main 6-Jan D. Moore M. Barkley J. Jones L. Joeckel B. Werner
Ultimate Sports Hound 6-Jan G. Smith S. Lotulelei D. Milliner J. Jones K. Allen
New NFL Draft: Orinda 6-Jan G. Smith J. Jones S. Lotulelei L. Joeckel D. Moore
New NFL Draft : Tyler 4-Jan L. Joeckel S. Lotulelei M. Te’o T. Lewan B. Werner
DraftSeason (Lupagus) 3-Jan G. Smith D. Moore S. Lotulelei L. Joeckel J. Jones



2013 DROY Sheldon Richardson

2013 Mack Draft

Mack Draft 3.0 – Round 1- FINAL FINAL   Updated 4/25/2013                               1.   Kansas City Chiefs OT Eric   Fisher- Central Michigan I waivered back and forth with S. Floyd and an OT but it’s becoming more clear that KC takes an …

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2014 Mack Draft

1. Houston Texans -  Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina   2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins) –   Greg Robinson- OT, Auburn     3. Jacksonville Jaguars -    Blake Bortles QB, Central Florida      4. Cleveland Browns -  Sammy Watkins – WR, Clemson   5.  Oakland Raiders -   Khalil Mack – DE/OLB, Buffalo   6. Atlanta Falcons -  Jake Matthews OT, Texas A&M   7.     …

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2015 Mack Draft 1.0

GET YO POPCORN READY!             1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State: Winston is the most NFL ready at this time. Taking Mariotta here would be a mistake on my opinion. Winston is a risk but Tampa Bay can’t afford not to take a top QB. 2. Tennessee Titans – Marcus Mariota, …

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2016 Mack Draft Final Final

  1. Los Angeles Rams: Jared Goff, QB, California: 2. Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State:  3. San Diego Chargers: Jalen Ramsey, CB/S, Florida State: 4. Dallas Cowboys: Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State: 5. Jacksonville Jaguars: Myles Jack, LB/RB, UCLA: 6. Baltimore Ravens: Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss::  7. San Francisco 49ers:  DeForest Buckner, DE/DT, Oregon: 8.  Cleveland Browns: Ezekiel …

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