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2013 Mack Draft

Mack Draft 3.0 – Round 1- FINAL FINAL


Updated 4/25/2013

 chiefsb_logo 1.   Kansas City Chiefs OT Eric   Fisher- Central Michigan I waivered back and forth with S. Floyd and an OT but it’s becoming more clear that KC takes an OT. Fisher is supposed to be the projected OT after months of Joeckel being in the top spot and I believe both will become a top LT in the future. Will KC trade future disgruntled LT B. Albert before the season? If KC takes an OT at #1 he better not be playing on the right side.     
 jaguarsb_logo 2.   Jacksonville Jaguars OLB Dion   Jordan- Oregon Jordan has been moving up the draft boards after turning heads at the combine. Some compare him to Aldon Smith but I don’t see the strength yet. He is good in coverage and can rush the edge so he is projected as either a DE or OLB which makes him a versitile player. He has that long rangy frame like Aldon Smith or Jason Piere Paul.     
 raidersb_logo 3.   Oakland Raiders DE Shariff   Floyd- Florida Shariff Floyd is the perfect fit for the Raiders and can step in at DE in their 4-3 scheme right away. I slotted him at #1 to the Chiefs in my first Mock but he   seems like even a better fit here at #3. Dion Jordan and Eric Fisher are also possibilities.     
 eaglesb_logo 4.   Philadelphia Eagles OT Luke   Joekel- Texas A&M The Eagles will need to get younger and more athletic at the OL position. The Chip Kelly offense will be quick and need young player who have stamina. Drafting a OT will allow current RT to move back into the guard position   where he is most comfortable. Safe pick that addresses a need for the   Eagles.     
 lionsb_logo 5.   Detroit Lions OT Lane   Johnson- Oklahoma Jeff   Backus retired and G. Cherilus leaving for Indy leaves the Lions picking a   1st rd OT for the 2nd year in a row. Johnson is a freak athelete and former   QB and TE. Detroit could really use a playmaker on defense as well and DE   Ziggy Ansah will be hard to resist for Schwartz who coached him at the Senior   Bowl.       
 brownsb_logo 6.   Cleveland Browns CB Dee   Milliner- Alabama I project a trade here. I can see the Browns trading back if possible. If not Milliner is the easy selection and immediately makes their secondary legit. The Browns offense will want to continue to add weapons but the defense needs   to continue to get stronger.     
 cardinalsb_logo 7.   Arizona Cardinals DE Ezekiel   Ansah- BYU The Cards need help on the edge and on the other side of Sam Acho.   “Ziggy” Ansah has been one of the biggest movers in the draft from   the start of the off-season. He had a good Senior Bowl, great combine and   upside galore with this kid.      
 billsb_logo 8.   Buffalo Bills QB Geno   Smith- West Virginia Geno solidified his spot at the top of the Qb group. He may need some coaching before he is a good QB but its time the Bills give up on retread QBs like K. Kolb and develop one of their own. If the Bills select Nassib they would continue to be the same old Bills.     
 jetsb_logo 9.   New York Jets OLB Barkevious   Mingo- LSU The Jets need a CB now that Reves is no longer on their Island but they can grab a quality CB in the 2nd. They desparately need a pass rusher to fill in one   of the youngest front 7 sevens in the league. Mingo has edge ability and thats what the Jets desparately need.  I expect this guy to thrive in Ryan’s scheme and be one of the best DEs in the league in the future.     
 titansb_logo 10.   Tennessee Titans OG Chance   Warmack- Alabama An OG getting drafted in the top 10 is unprecedented but Warmack is the guy to break the mold. Chris Johnson is not effective if he has to bounce it outside   and this guy is the one to create major holes to help CJ get back to form. The Titans signed Andy Levitre and with Warmack in the picture the Titans   immediately have one of the best interior lines in football.     
 chargersb_logo 11.   San Diego Chargers DT Sheldon   Richardson- Missouri I have Richardson falling in this draft from the top 5 because of his lack of upper body strength. In the right scheme he can play well. The Chargers need another DE as well as help on the OL. Because the top 3 OTs are gone they could go with OG J. Cooper but they can fill in the holes on the OL in rounds 2-4.     
 dolphinsb_logo 12.   Miami Dolphins CB Xavier   Rhodes- Flor. State Their #1 CB Sean Smith signed with KC so the fins are looking for another #1 CB. Xavier Rhodes would fit well and the Dolphins will take the player who had a great combine and Senior Bowl.     
 jetsb_logo 13.   New   York Jets (Bucs) OG Jonathan   Cooper- N. Carolina The offensive line needs major help and I expect the Cowboys to address it immediately. Cooper can play anywhere along the line and he is just what Romo ordered for more protection. The Cowboys could also use a safety but since   Vacarro is gone they will wait until rounds 2 or 3 to address that position.     
 panthersb_logo 14.   Carolina Panthers DT Star   Lotulelei- Utah Lotulelei fell from his previous position in the top 5 because he was unable to participate in the combine because of a heart condition. Looks like its not   serious so the Panthers will be happy to get help against the run game which ate them up last year consistently. Steal at #14.     
 saintsb_logo 15.   New Orleans Saints OLB Arthur   Brown- Kansas State Brown reminds me of Lavonte David who dropped to the TB Bucs last year and had a great rookie campaign. Brown has good instincts and a nose for the ball. He will fit in nicely with the Saints new 3-4 as he can play both inside and out. As Mike Maylock would say, I would pound the table for this guy.     
 ramsb_logo 16.   St. Louis Rams WR Tavon   Austin- W. Virginia The Rams offense needs more weapons then Danny Amendola. Austin is a speedster and can stretch the field and Bradford could use more weapons. The Rams will   get another olineman next round.     
 steelersb_logo 17.   Pittsburgh Steelers ILB Jarvis   Jones- Georgia Jones   is the best player avaliable and the Steelrs need a DE/OLB to get some   pressure on the QB.Jones is a top 5 talent but is a risk/reward player because of his previous injury. The Steelers know this guy is the most explosive and natural pass rushers in the   draft. Steelers win again.     
 cowboysb_logo 18.   Dallas Cowboys OT DJ   Fluker- Alabama The offensive line needs major help and I expect the Cowboys to address it immediately. Fluker is a beast of a man and can play RT or OG for the Cowboys. They could also use a safety so Vaccaro could be the choice here as well.     
 giantsb_logo 19.   New York Giants DE Bjoern   Werner- Florida State Werner was compared to Chris Long about 350 times during the combine…oh yea, a less   athletic Chris Long. With the right system this guy can be good. Just like   some of those guys drafted in the top 15. The Giants know how important a DL is with 2 Superbowl rings to prove it.     
 bearsb_logo 20.   Chicago Bears ILB Alex   Ogletree- Georgia The off-the-field issues don’t seem like a big concern to most teams and there is no denying Ogletree has tremedous talent. The Bears can make a guy like this a superstar and that is exactly what they will try to do after losing the face of the franchise over the last 10 years.     
 bengalsb_logo 21.   Cincinnati Bengals S Kenny   Vaccaro- Texas Vaccaro is an all-around safety and is the best player available at this point. Vaccaro is a versatile defender with the skills to become a monster. Taylor Mays was a bust and Nate Clements is not a safety, he is a CB.    
 ramsb_logo 22.   St. Louis Rams S Jonathan   Cyprien- Flor. Int. Cyprien has climbed the draft boards and the positional rankings over the last two   months. The Rams need not only 1 but 2 safeties as their deep secondary play was pitiful last year.     
 vikingsb_logo 23.   Minnesota Vikings ILB Manti   Te’o- Notre Dame The Vikings have a great LB in Chad Greenway but need a quality starter in the   middle.Teo is going to have to come in and show that he isn’t just a walking circus to gain Minnesota’s respect. They need a ILB and a leader and Teo has   the presence on the field.     
 coltsb_logo 24.   Indianapolis Colts DT Sylvester   Williams-N. Carolina Sylvester Williams is a guy who has a ton of upside and has been rising up the boards. Williams is a versatile DT who can play in various spots across the DL as a   Nose Tackle or a 5-technique guy in an odd front.     
 vikingsb_logo 23.   Minnesota Vikings WR Keenan   Allen- California I didn’t expect Harvin to be back next season so the Vikings will still be   looking for another weapon in the passing game. When Allen is healthy there is no denying he has skills.      
 packersb_logo 26.   Green Bay Packers TE Tyler   Eifert- Notre Dame It looks like Jermichael Finley isn’t the answer in GB and likely won’t be back in GB for long. Rodgers likes his TE and with Greg Jennings leaving town they   need to minimize the damage to their passing game and grab a guy who would fit in perfect at GB.     
 texansb_logo 27.   Houston Texans WR Cordarelle   Patterson- Tennessee The Texans have needed a legit #2 WR for quite some time. This is their year to get one and get a stud. Patterson is one of the best WRs in the draft and   could easily be gone by this point. If the Texans are lucky enough to get him   here they will have a great compliment WR to A. Johnson and a guy who will be a #1 when A.J. goes down.     
 broncosb_logo 28.   Denver Broncos CB Desmond   Trufant- Washington Their #1 CB won’t be back this season so the fins are looking for another #1 CB. Trufant had a great combine and with several teams needing CBs he won’t get out of the 1st round.     
patriotsb_logo 29.   New England Patriots S Eric   Reid- LSU The Patriots need safety help with Patrick Chung going to free agency. Reid is a heavy hitter and would work well in the system. The Patriots got a good   leader in Adrian Wilson but he most likely won’t be around in 2014 and the Pats always like depth in the secondary.     
 falconsb_logo 30.   Atlanta Falcons RB Eddie   Lacy- Alabama I have had Lacy going to the Falcons a day before they cut RB M. Turner. Great timing birds! Plenty of RBs going into day 2 so why not take the best one on   day 1.     
 49ersb_logo 31.   San Francisco 49ers S Matt   Elam- Florida The 49ers need safety help and this guy fits McMahon’s defense like a glove.Elam is a heavy hitter and would work well in the system with his excellent instincts and play against the run.      
 ravensb_logo 32.   Baltimore Ravens ILB Kevin   Minter- LSU The Ravens are ecstatic that Minter is still on the board. A fill in for Ray Lewis? Not exactly but how many players can fill those shoes on the field. Minter is a solid ILB and the Ravens get very good value here.     




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