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2015 Top 5 Rankings by Position


  1. Jameis Winston- FSU
  2. Marcus Mariotta- Ore
  3. Garrett Grayson- Col. State
  4. Bryce Petty- Baylor
  5. Brett Hundley- UCLA


Possible Steal: Garrett Grayson- Col. State

A guy to watch out for is Colorado State’s Garrett Grayson. He has a good deep ball and is one of the only QBs in this class that I didn’t constantly see stare down his receivers. His progression was quite impressive in fact. He does have a slow release which is not a trait of most good NFL QBs however.

Possible Bust: Marcus Mariotta – Oregon

Could be any of the top QBs but I will say Marcus above the rest at this point because the system will be so important to him. He needs more than a year to learn the NFL game.

Slim pickins for QBs again this year

Once again another weak QB class. It’s amazing how many great QBs come out of the college game only to be an average to below average QBs in the NFL. Most drafts may have 1 quality QB, if that. The great debate this year has been the young and immature Jameis Winston versus the experienced and polished Marcus Mariotta. Winner? Winston…hands down. If he didn’t have the immaturity of a sophomore in college there would not even be a discussion. Physically, Winston checks all the boxes.

In the right system Mariotta can be good. Of course everyone says Chip Kelly’s would be perfect and I would have to agree. On another team I would want to see him sit and learn from a quality vet and get used to taking snaps from behind center.

Bryce Petty and Brett Hundley have a ton of holes in their game and I don’t see how they are successful their first few years in the league. With the right coaching and work they have some potential but not quite yet.



Running Back

  1. Melvin Gordon- Wis
  2. Todd Gurley- Georgia
  3. Tevin Coleman- Ind.
  4. Jay Ajayi- Boise State
  5. David Johnson- UNI


Possible Steal: David Johnson- UNI

Johnson is one of the most complete backs in this draft which makes him popular pick for teams looking for a 3-down guy. Guy has big play ability and can catch the ball out of the backfield. Also the best blocking back in this class.

Possible Bust: Todd Gurley- Georgia

Hands down the most physically talented but with his injury history how high can a team risk hitting on him? If it’s in the 1st round it will be too high in my opinion.

Don’t sleep on the RB class this year

Melvin Gordon was just impressive to watch in college and is a 3-down guy if he can improve his pass blocking skills. This guy could be a workhorse back for years with the right team. Tevin Coleman is a smooth runner who has a run style that reminds me of Eric Dickerson but not quite as fast. Also has tendency to run to straight up and down but I like his game.

David Johnson 


Wide Receiver

  1. Amari Cooper- Alabama
  2. Kevin White- West Virginia
  3. DeVante Parker- Louisville
  4. Jalen Strong- Az. State
  5. Phillip Dorsett- Miami


Possible Steal: Devin Funchess- Michigan

I am on team TE for Devin Funchess but the guy has a particular set of skills (like Liam Neesons) and, if utilized correctly, could cause matchup problems for most teams.

Possible Bust: Dorial Green-Beckham- Missouri

If I am a GM I stay miles away from this guy but you can’t argue with his physical impressiveness. This goes way further than just immaturity though. How bad does this guy want it? We will see in the 1st year if he is just another wasted talent.

Deep and talented WR crop for 2nd year in a row

Another talented class of WRs this year. If you didn’t find your WR last year then look no further than this class. GMs that have a WR need and didn’t get one last year have another shot. Kevin White is my choice between White and Amari Cooper but Cooper is the most NFL ready right now so he tops my list. DeVante Parker has some of the best hands of this year’s class and has great control.

Parker is not far behind the top 2 guys and I would expect him to go in the top 20 in the 1st round. Phillip Dorsett can be compared to Santana Moss and even flashed like DeSean Jackson at times. He has the speed to blow the top off a defense and could be a big play WR.

Kansas West Virginia Football



Tight End

  1. Maxx Williams- Minnesota
  2. Clive Walford- Miami
  3. Jeff Heuerman- Ohio State
  4. Nick O’Leary- Flor. State
  5. Jesse James- Penn State


Possible Steal: Devin Funchess- Michigan

Like I mentioned above, I am on team TE for Devin Funchess but the guy has a particular set of skills (like Liam Neesons) and, if utilized correctly, could cause matchup problems for most teams.

Possible Bust: Clive Walford- I like this guy’s hands and route running ability but see him only as a blocking TE in the NFL because he lacks the speed and athleticism to be a receiving threat at the next level.

Decent TE class…..but only if you need a blocking TE

Nobody really flashes this year at the TE position. Maxx Williams may surprise some people but I don’t see him as anything more than a mid to late 2nd rounder and he is considered to be the most talented in this class. Nick O’Leary was one of the most productive TEs in the class but still has major speed issues. He made several clutch catches as a senior and was phenomenal in big games however. You have to wonder if the Cowboys and Jerry Jones take a look at Jesse James….just because. 




Offensive Line

  1. OT/OG Brandon Scherff- Iowa
  2. OT La’el Collins- LSU
  3. OT DJ Humphries- Florida
  4. C Cameron Erving- Flor. State
  5. OT Andrus Peat- Stanford


Possible Steal:  Laken Tomlinson- Duke

This guy has surprising quickness for a big guy. He had a really strong week at the Senior Bowl and just needs some experience at the next level to be a solid OG.

Possible Bust: La’el Collins- LSU

I am not comparing this guy to last year’s Zack Martin but I will say the same thing I said about Martin last year. Collins could play the tackle position but I think he could really make his living better as a guard at the next level. He lacks speed to hold off fast edge rushers but can use his strength to be a road grader in small space.

Tackle or guard? That is the question!

Really versatile class of Offensive Lineman this year but not many stud tackles that could start right away. In fact, I see a lot of guys that could be very good in small space as a guard rather than a tackle at the next level.

Iowa’s Brandon Scherff is a safe pick and would be a 1st year starter and just continue to get better. Some say he would be a perennial Pro Bowl guard but I hesitate to agree when I see so many quality NFL starters come out of Iowa at the tackle position. The guy is just a bruiser who doesn’t stop and plays through the whistle.

Center Cameron Erving is one of my favorite players and think he can start year 1. He is very versatile but I think the Center position is where he makes his money. Someone could get a steal if he falls to the 2nd round. 

Brandon Scherff OL



Defensive Lineman

  1. DE Leaonard Williams- USC
  2. DE Dante Fowler- Florida
  3. DT Danny Shelton- Washington
  4. DE Shane Ray- Missouri
  5. DT Malcom Brown- Texas


Possible Steal: DT Jordan Phillips- Oklahoma

Phillips is very athletic for his size and has good quickness side to side which is key to be a successful NT at the next level. He is being compared to Broncos DT Terrance Knighton more famously known as “Pot Roast”.

Possible Bust: DE Randy Gregory

I am not putting this guy here because of his bonehead move of being busted for marijuana at the combine but I see flashes in this guy because of his physical tools. My major concern is he seems like a 1-trick pony with his pass rush moves and plays off balanced often.

The Defensive Tackle position is strong with this one

Overall, I am more impressed than I have been over the last few years in this defensive lineman class. Leonard Williams is my “can’t miss” prospect of the year. I see him as a perennial All-Pro player that can be a game changer at the next level.

Dante Fowler has that special something that I see in a lot of great DLs and LBs where it just seems like he is hungry to get to the ball. If he puts in the work he is going to be a stud. DT Danny Shelton is the prototype DT. This guy is a powerful DT that is impossible to move. 

Dante Fowler




  1. OLB Vic Beasley- Clemson
  2. ILB Denzel Perryman- Miami
  3. OLB Paul Dawson- TCU
  4. ILB Eric Kendricks- UCLA
  5. OLB Bud Dupree- Kentucky


Possible Steal: OLB Bud Dupree

Shows flashes of having a major impact in games but doesn’t do it consistently. Reminds me a lot of Jets LB Demario Davis who didn’t have great tape in college either, but with the right coaching and some confidence he could shine as Davis did.

Possible Bust: OLB Shaq Thompson- UCLA

Don’t get me wrong. I really like Thompson because he is a shear athlete. The guy scored 6 touchdowns in 2014, 2 as a running back and the rest of defense. What I don’t like about him is that he can’t seem to wrap-up when he tackles and, instead, uses a shoulder to knock guys down. That technique will not work in the NFL when playing against “Beast Mode’ and Adrian Peterson.

Some athlete’s at LB but how many are system guys?

It has been hard to break down how many of these guys will be successful in the NFL. If I could write this article after I saw what team each LB went to I would have a better understanding of how they are going to turn out. So many of these guys can be great in the right system but it goes both ways.

I do like Beasley and think he can be a day 1 starter and a future All Pro. Paul Dawson intrigues me because on tape I see flashes but he doesn’t have the physical tools like some of the other guys. Both Denzel Perryman and Eric Kendricks look the part but if they aren’t in the right system they could get overshadowed.

 Denzel Perryman





  1. Trae Waynes- Mich St.
  2. Marcus Peters- Washington
  3. Jalen Collins- LSU
  4. PJ Williams- Florida State
  5. Byron Jones- UConn


Possible Steal: Kevin Johnson- Wake Forest

Many draft experts are very high on Johnson and I can see why. This guy has ideal speed and is a tough player. He has excellent balance and is disruptive in press coverage which is a must in the NFL. I am not too high on his run coverage as I see him missing a lot of tackles however. He was also flagged a lot.

Possible Bust: Marcus Peters- Washington

This guy has all the tools to be a good press corner. In fact he impressing more than any other guy with his press skills at the line. When he lines up in off coverage however he can get burnt easily. His major concerns however are his off the field issues. He had multiple run-ins with coaches that ultimately led to his dismissal. That raises questions about his professional maturity.

A down year for the CB position?

Trae Waynes is clearly the top CB in this year’s draft class with his awesome speed running a 4.31 40 at the NFL Combine.  He also fits the mold physically similar to many of the top CBs in the NFL. Peters is a head case but you can’t sleep on his physical tools and talent. Personally I wouldn’t take a risk on him in the first 2 rounds. Jalen Collins from LSU has great closing quickness and should be a quality starter early in his career. Byron Jones from UConn is an intriguing player that is impressive in press coverage.

 Byron Jones




  1. SS- Landon Collins- Alabama
  2. FS- Gerod Holliman- Louisville
  3. FS- Damarious Randle- Arizona State
  4. FS-Derron Smith- Fresno State
  5. SS- Anthony Harris- Virginia


Possible Steal: Jaquiski Tartt- Samford

Small school guy but he has impressive overall size and is a very aggressive tackler. He has less than stellar man-cover ability but I am very impressed how quickly he gets downhill to attack ball carriers and receivers.  

Possible Bust: Derron Smith- Fresno State

Many draft experts have this guy as their #2 safety this year. I saw way to many missed and broken tackles and I attribute it to him just not focusing on the task at hand. It just seems like he tries to do too much at times. With the right coaching that could be fixed but that is also a weakness that could get him cut early in his career. 

If you need a Safety….go here!

Last year my top Safety came from Louisvile and my #2 came from Alabama. Let’s just switch that around this year. The most intriging guy to me is Hollimon this year. I think he has the stuff to be great and his leadership skills are what make him stand out. 

Gerod Hollimon

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