Apr 08

The New York Jets 2015 Draft















I don’t post many articles about my favorite team the New York Jets,on this site but I figured it was about time that I put in my two cents. Being very disappointed over the last 4 years about, not only the Jets win/loss record, but how the team has been managed. We can point fingers at plenty of people in the organization but as we all know it really boils down to the players, the GM and the head coach. 

I choose to blame the GM(s) who have helped manage the player personnel on this team for the last 4 years. The NFL Draft has been inconsistent for this team in the 2000′s but the last 7 years have seen some awful decision making in the front office on draft day, in particular, on the offensive side of the ball. On the defensive side of the ball this team has hit on several players including DT Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson, LB Demario Davis, and DE Quinton Coples. If you look at the offensive side of the ball you have to go all the way back to 2006 to talk about a notable player that is still with the Jets organization when they drafted a pair of offensive lineman in D’Brickshaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold. 

Enough about the past though. For the first time in many years I am starting to get that excitement back when hearing about the changes the Jets are making. I am not sure if I would say I am drinking the Kool-Aid yet on this team but I certainly see some common sense being used when addressing team needs. As a Jets fan, and also a fan of the draft, I have observed this team’s 2015 off-season as a puzzle with many pieces being put in place for the Jets to be successful in the draft. 

Four months ago we might as well have thrown a dart to predict what position the Jets would address with the #6 pick in the 1st round and every round after. Free Agency has shed some light on that situation and that is another reason I hesitate to put to much work into a Mock Draft before Free Agency is over. Now, I can see a couple of different scenarios for gang green in the 1st round.

The last 2 years has seen a very deep WR draft class but the recent acquisitions of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker have turned that position from an urgent-important position of need to a not urgent-important position. Do the Jets still need play makers at the WR position? Absolutely and it would be nice if we could acquire some talent but I don’t think it needs to be in the 1st or even 2nd round. 

The Cornerback position, often a strength for the Jets in recent years, is another position that has been filled very nicely by the organization with Free Agent signings of Derelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, and Buster Skrine. The resigning of OG Willie Colon and LB David Harris have also played role in a nice free agency period in 2015. 

With the Jets 1st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft I see the team going in 2 directions. Many Mock Drafts see the Jets taking a quarterback at #6 in Marcus Mariotta from Oregon. For one, I do not think he will still be around at that point and, for another, I do not see the Jets taking another risk on a QB that high. Especially one that has been described as needing a few years before he could be ready to start. 

The Jets are in need of a pass rusher and being they now have a head coach who likes to blitz (oh wait, I guess Rex did too) I see the Jets grabbing a DE/OLB pass rusher like Clemson’s Vic Beasley or Florida’s Dante Fowler Jr. if they are still there. Shane Ray from Missouri would also be a possibility.

The Wide Receiver position is also still a need for this team. Is it a main priority now they have Marshall and Decker? Not this year but those guys are spring chickens either. Come next year I am guessing it will be a priority need once again and why not get one of the top WRs in the draft to add some youth and talent to the position.

The notable picks would be whoever is left between Alabama’s Amari Cooper and West Virginia’s Kevin White. If they are both gone, which doesn’t seem likely, Devante Parker is a guy that would be a nice addition but I wouldn’t pull the trigger unless the Jets trade down from #6 to get him.

Overall, the outlook is looking better for the Jets. The quarterback position is obviously the largest question mark and how good will the Jets be if they can’t find a quality QB? Not much else matters until they do but you can’t stop trying to make the rest of the team outstanding just because you haven’t found your guy.